Meal Plan Monday – Nov 5 2018

Meal Plan Monday – Nov 5 2018

What a busy couple of days it has been, and the rest of this week is no joke either! Extra activities for the kids, parent teach interviews, so much extra is on the calendar!

All the more reason to make sure I’ve got dinners planned out for the week:

Monday – quick meals tonight since we were all going in different directions. Kids had nuggets and fruit, hubby and I snacked when we could.

Tuesday – my famous spaghetti (whole wheat paste for the kids, zucchini noodles for the grownups)

Wednesday – chicken tortilla soup with cheese biscuits (both recipes are keto, and I will share if they are good)

Thursday – burger night (bunless for the grownups)

Friday – baked fish and fries for the kids, salmon with dill sauce and asparagus for the grownups

Have you given meal planning a try? I’d love to hear how its going!

As always, I’m linking up over at Org Junkie!

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