Meal Plan Monday

Meal Plan Monday – Feb 11 2019

I’m back! Did you miss me? It’s been forever since I blogged and really meal planned!

Things have been crazy around here with house renos and getting the house on the market. We lived in a perfectly clean and staged house for nearly 3 weeks, but this baby is sold now! We gradually shifted from perfectly staged to our usual life around here over the weekend. The youngest kids have their beds back, small appliances are cluttering the kitchen counters again, and our designer will be here soon to collect all her fancy accessories.

I feel like we can finally really truly get excited about our big move this spring. We knew it would happen, of course, we have already bought the other house! But the stress of selling this one took away from the excitement these last couple months. Last week we were able to take the kids to see the new house. It’s not finished yet, but we were able to go inside and see it all. My husband and I had only ever been on the main floor, but we were able to go upstairs and see all the bedrooms and bathrooms, and go into the basement too. It’s much more real and exciting for the kids now too. They couldn’t picture their rooms or anything really, based off the floor plans we had. But standing in their rooms imagining where their bed and toys might go, they were pumped!

Ok, so since we are back to normal life now, I can finally meal plan again. We weren’t really able to cook dinners in our house in case we had last minute showings. You don’t want to present your beautiful house with a funky smell lingering from dinner! I’m so happy to be back to planning out our frugal keto meals!

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – Taco salad

Tuesday – Slow cooker beef stroganoff

Wednesday – Slow cooker chicken and veggie stew with mashed potatoes for the kids, and keto bread for the adults

Thursday – Meatballs and roasted carrots and brussel sprouts

Friday – Salmon and asparagus

And yes, my husband and I are still eating. So our meat choices for all these meals are fattier cuts (medium ground beef for the taco salad and chicken thighs for the stew, etc), and heavier fat creams and cheese and lots of butter too! If you are curious at all about why we eat this way, I’ve got a post about that you can check out!

And as always, I’m linking up with Org Junkie. Check out her site for other great meal ideas, plus loads of tips on savings money on groceries and meal planning too!

Happy Meal Planning!

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