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Four Frugal Date Night Ideas

Keeping the romance and connection with your spouse alive and well is so important! My husband and I have been together since high school, and married for 11 years now; you’d think we would have run out of ideas by now, but we haven’t! We are pretty much experts at creating a fun date night out of next to nothing. It’s not about a fancy and expensive dinner out, its about connecting and making an effort (remember my word of the year, it applies here to!) to find time for just the two of you.

We just celebrated our anniversary last month, and with St Valentine’s Day this week, it’s a perfect time to share some fun and frugal date night ideas!

Honestly, just about every night for us is a date night. Once the kids are in bed, that’s our time together. We really are best friends and love spending time talking or watching tv! Even if he’s watching sports and I’m reading, we are sitting next to each other on the couch and chatting a little too. But sometimes you need a break from just the tv watching, and want to mix it up a bit, so here are a few of our favourite frugal date night ideas:


1. Stay Home

We can’t always get a babysitter, or want to go out late, so we often just stay home. Watching a movie or tv show together while having some fun snacks and drinks is perfect! It doesn’t have to be elaborate to be great when you love the person you are with. If you want to amp it up a bit, perhaps something more than just sitting on the couch, try making a theme night. We are currently working our way through the James Bond movies, so how about a Bond film and some Martini’s, and remember: shaken not stirred! We used to watch The Great British Bake Off, and each week we would take turns surprising the other a fancy baked treat to enjoy while watching the show. It’s competitive and requires some planning, and lots of fun too. And both these ideas get the conversation going, which many couples who have been together a while, struggle with. Discussing the films, at least for us, lasts days afterwards. Which Bond you like the best, the ridiculous effects in the early films, the cheesy one liners. Maybe we are just nerds, maybe it’s the fact that my husband majored in Theatre and Film in University, but we love talking about movies!

2. Get Outside

Yes its winter, but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck indoors! Get outside for a hike or walk, or visit an outdoor skating rink! Lots of places do outdoor winter festivals too, they can be expensive if you shop and eat loads of snacks. But buying a coffee or hot chocolate and wandering around seeing the sights and people watching isn’t going to cost you much.

3. Breakfast or Lunch Date

Sometimes you still want to go out to eat with the one you love, so try breakfast or lunch instead. These meals often cost less, but can still be a nice break from the usual routine. Plus, any meal you don’t have to cook or clean up is a bonus!

4. Game night

Having a little fun and acting like a kid again is a great date night! Stay home and play board games or video games, or go out bowling or to the arcade! My husband and I did a day date a little while ago where we went to the local bowling alley and arcade. Our kids couldn’t believe we went there without them, but little did they know we used to go there all the time before we even had them! We also love a good round of Scrabble or Tetris. It’s great getting a little competitive, and playing the games you usually play with your kids with your spouse instead. 

Whats your favourite date night with your loved one? Are there any frugal ideas you’d love to share? Comment below of find me on Instagram!

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