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Leader of the Day – free printable

I’m sure you’ve heard of the crazy idea of a “yes day” by now. Jennifer Garner made it pretty famous by sharing about it on Instagram, and there have been several bloggers and YouTubers that have done them and shared their hilarious results. Saying yes to your child/children, no matter how outrageous the request, seems a little out there, and not realistic for many of us (especially when on a limited budget), but there are ways you can make an awesome day, with lots of yeses for your kid.

I created a work sheet to go along with this, for the kids to fill out. Let them read it over (or have it read to them, for the younger ones) and let them think about it for awhile before filling it out. Sitting down to talk with them should be part of the activity too.,This is a great way for them to bounce ideas off each other and off you. This way I can still have a say in it so they don’t request candy for every meal and get upset when I say no.

So, mine is sort of a limited “yes day”, there will be some rules, and I’m sure I will have to vito some things. I will be upfront with them though, and that will all be part of the fun of planning and discussing it. I’m taking it as more of a “leader of the day” “it’s your day” approach to it, instead of the idea that they are the “boss” or in “charge”. I’m trying to be careful with the wording, so that the power doesn’t go to their head too much ;).

This would be a great idea for their birthday, or for filling days during a school break. We are going to plan our days out on the first day of March Break, and then draw names to see which child get which day of the week for their day. I will try my best to document it on Instagram, so make sure you are following along!

Enjoy this free printable to help you and your kids plan out their “It’s Your Day” Day.



I can’t wait to share this with my kids and see what they come up with!


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