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Not A Coupon Queen’s Best of 2012

Well, it seems everyone is posting their top posts from the past year, so, just in case you missed something good, here is a list of the top ten posts from 2012: #10 :  June 19 2012 – Frugal Tip Tuesday; staples that will help you make frugal dinners #9 : July 18 2012 – […]

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This is still about being frugal; it’s not always about food…

This is a reminder to myself, as well as you to you guys. I’ve noticed that most of my posts are about food, frugal meals, new recipes, and my weekly meal plans. I don’t want this blog to become a food blog, but it is becoming a significant portion of my content. I think this […]

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a BA in Environmental Studies gets you a whole lot of nothing

It’s been 7 years since I graduated from University. I’m hoping that at some point I won’t have to think that getting my degree was a waste of time. Sure I loved the experience of going away to school, living in the dorm and then in apartments. I miss the city of Ottawa very much; […]

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