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Healthy Eating Hacks to Save You Time & Money

It’s no secret that we try to eat healthy. But with 4 kids are at various stages of pickiness, it can get tricky. Thankfully our older two are willing to try new things (most of the time) and if the younger ones don’t like what I’ve made, there are always lots of healthy snacks that […]

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New Year, New You? How To Make Manageable Resolutions

With the new year fast approaching, so many people start thinking about resolutions. I know people often think it’s a new year so it’s a fresh start, time for a new me! And I’m all for positive life changes! But, have you ever wondered why so many resolutions fail? Why most people give up after only […]

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Not A Coupon Queen’s 2016 Wishlist

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching, it’s time to really start to think about Christmas shopping. I have started mine, and made a large dent in mine already, but there is still lots left to get. I love waiting for these sales, since even here in Canada our stores offer big savings on these […]

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Frugal Fitness the YouTube Way

So many people assume you need an expensive gym membership, a personal trainer, and $200 Nike’s to be succesful at fitness. And of course those do work for some people, but they aren’t necessary at all. If the financial aspect of fitness is preventing you from getting fit, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t […]

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Pokemon Go! Frugal fun for the whole family

By now, nearly everyone has heard of the Pokemon Go, the new app that has taken over the world. Even if you don’t play games on your phone, I’m sure you’ve heard of it in the news. Some people have gone a little nuts trying to “catch em all”, but for the most part it […]

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Charity Tee Makeover – DIY

You all have them, sometimes they come in a one-size-fits-no-one, sometimes they offer sizes but just in men’s, so even the small is giant on me. Those shirts that you get for volunteering for something, maybe it’s from a camp you attended or a sport you played, or in my case, from a charity 5k […]

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Attempting to train for a 5K in 5 weeks, and it’s all for a good cause!

I’m crazy right? Attempting to get myself in shape to run 5 kilometres, and only 5 weeks to get it done. The last time I ran was back in the fall, before the days got too short for me to run in the evenings…I guess that makes me a fair weather runner. I only run […]

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