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New Year, New You? How To Make Manageable Resolutions

With the new year fast approaching, so many people start thinking about resolutions. I know people often think it’s a new year so it’s a fresh start, time for a new me! And I’m all for positive life changes! But, have you ever wondered why so many resolutions fail? Why most people give up after only […]

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A+ Kids School Lunches

Are you running out of ideas yet for you kid’s school lunches? I ran out of ideas about a month ago. Well, it’s more that my kids are being picky! I’m full of ideas, just not ones they are always willing to eat. I thought I would share some typical lunches that my kids take […]

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Tip Tuesday – Back to School

My number one tip when it comes to back to school shopping? Check your inventory! Before you head to the stores, check your house first to see what you have. Is their backpack from last year still in good shape? Do they need new supplies, or did they just lose a couple of markers in their bedroom […]

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Stop drowning, and get organized! My new weekly cleaning schedule.

I thought I had it under control. I thought I was managing the day to day just fine. But I’m always behind on laundry. The bathrooms are never as clean as they should be. And that sticky spot on the kitchen floor from the 3 year old spilling juice last week, it’s still there! Perhaps […]

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School Lunches

Is it to early to be thinking about back to school? Considering the flyers in my area are full of backpacks and pencil crayons, and Costco has Halloween costumes out now, I think it’s safe to start planning! Also, I’m going to have this baby any day/week, possibly not until the first week of school, […]

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Life as we know it…

The kids have settled into a movie, so I thought I would grab a few minutes on the computer and give a little update on life right now. First things first, I have not had the baby yet. I’ll be 37 weeks this week, which is a great milestone to reach because it means this […]

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From Big Boy Room, to Brother/Sister Space, ON A BUDGET!

With baby number three due this summer, we’ve had to make some changes in our house. No construction projects, just some shifting of belongings. We only have three bedrooms in our house, and up until recently, each kid had their own space. When we bought this house, with plans of a large family, we knew […]

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Kitchen Commaned Centre Make Over

It’s was nearly 2 months ago that I first tweeted about redoing my kitchen command centre. With my son starting JK this year, we had tons of papers coming home each day, and they were taking over the kitchen counter and computer desk. I had already picked up an awesome calendar for the fridge to […]

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31 Day Organizational Challenge – DONE!

Well, I did it. I managed to get my master bedroom organized like I said I would. It didn’t go as smoothly as I hoped, most of it could have been done in just one weekend, if I had that kind of time, but instead, I worked on it bit by bit, until it was […]

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31 Day Organizational Challenge – 1st Progress Report

Sharing pictures of my messy spaces with all of you is a little terrifying, but I’m doing this in hopes of inspiring some of you to finally tackle that messy closet or junk drawer. I want to show you that you can organize a space without spending tons of money. You can make something more […]

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