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Meal Plan Monday Recipes

Meal Plan Monday – Birthday week

This week, it’s my husbands birthday. We like to spread birthday’s out as long as possible, usually lasting a week as we celebrate with family on Sundays (his family yesterday, my family next weekend). So, many of this weeks’ dinners are things that he requested, or I know are some of his favourites. Here is […]

Meal Plan Monday Recipes

Meal Plan Monday – time to step it up!

I feel guilty about the meal plans for the past couple weeks. I shouldn’t; my family still ate healthy meals, mostly cooked from scratch, but they were hardly creative.  I shouldn’t feel guilty because I was in a period of adjustment, figuring out a schedule with a new baby and a toddler once my husband […]

Meal Plan Monday Recipes

Meal planning caused me to have a breakdown!

Oh goodness, another Monday is here. The last two weeks I have been in the “I’m going to be pregnant FOREVER!” phase. Last night, it hit me. For some reason the panic set in, that another week is approaching, and it’s going to fly by because it is a jam packed week, and so is […]

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