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Life as we know it…

The kids have settled into a movie, so I thought I would grab a few minutes on the computer and give a little update on life right now. First things first, I have not had the baby yet. I’ll be 37 weeks this week, which is a great milestone to reach because it means this […]

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Frugal Pregnancy Fashion – A Stylish Bump on a Budget

I always thought by my third kid I’d have this pregnancy thing down. I’d already have all the clothing, my body would know what it was doing, and I would be used to the sickness/exhaustion/hormones too. But that so isn’t the case! I don’t know if I’ve been hit with the “wild card” third pregnancy […]

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Super Simple Coconut Oil Deodorant

I’ve been curious about coconut oil for a while now; the crunchy side of me has always wondered if it lived up to all that people talked about, or if it was just another trend. I’ve gone out before to purchase it, but became overwhelmed by the options (virgin, cold pressed, unrefined) and all the […]

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Stepping Out with Frugal Style

Finally a post that isn’t about food! Yippee! As promised, this post has nothing to do with food! It’s about finding super cheap clothes at the mall and some really great thrifting finds! I stumbled on this skirt while spending some birthday money at the mall last week. I had a little more than an […]

DIY Frugal Tip Tuesday

Frugal Tip Tuesday – DIY Teether

Teething baby? I’ve got one, and she isn’t happy about it! I’ve tried a wide variety of teethers, and her favourite to date is this organic cotton bonbon teether. Room temperature or frozen, she will sit quietly and chew on the knots. The only problem with it is it is stuffed with wool, and I’m […]

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