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Catholic Faith Fridays

How to Find Your Tribe by Attending a Catholic Event

As mothers we have many important tasks when it comes to our children: feed them, clothe them, discipline them. All very important jobs as parents, but our biggest job of all is teaching our children about their Faith and helping them get to heaven. But how do we do this? And how do we “find […]

Faith Fridays

Dynamic Women, Holy Week & What You Can Do to Help

I feel like I often fall short when it comes to posting about significant Catholic Days and celebrations. It’s not that I am shying away from my Faith or fear exposing us as devout Catholics, it’s that we are so busy preparing for such days, that I often don’t have time to sit down and […]

Catholic Faith Fridays

Faith Fridays – Life is the test, and our Catholic Teachers help our kids ace it!

My children recently brought home their report cards. Before even looking at them, my son said that his teacher told the class that the Learning Skills and Work Habits section was more important than the actual letter grade. He continued to say that maybe you don’t know how to multiply right now, but the important […]

Faith Fridays

Faith Fridays – Give Thanks

Still trying to think of a New Years Resolution? We often try to start out the new year on the right foot; eating healthy, exercising, de-cluttering and organizing. But so often we over look whats on the inside, like working on our attitude, trying to stay positive, and taking care of our soul. I’ve seen […]

Faith Fridays

Faith Fridays – Blessings From School

As much as we’d like to think we are the biggest influence on our children, their teachers play a huge role. After all, they are the ones with our children all day long. As a devout Catholic family, we wanted to make sure the core values we teach at home were part of our children’s […]


Tip Tuesday – Keeping Calm In 4 Easy Steps

Staying calm can be so difficult, especially with 4 little ones running around! The constant “Mommy! Mommy! Moooooooommmmmmmyyyyyyyyy!” is enough to exhaust you after only a few minutes. Add to that the not listening, the sibling fighting, the crying from a baby…well you get it, I assume most of you are parents, so you understand where […]

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