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Getting back into the frugal swing of things

Ok, it’s a new month, better yet its a new year! What better way to kick off 2012 than by looking at your finances and figuring out more ways to save. The last few months for our family haven’t been “normal”. Christmas doesn’t count because that comes up every year, but with a new baby […]


Super frugal family vacation!

This past weekend we loaded up the car for a nice 2.5 hour drive for a mini stay-cation. Does that still count as a stay-cation? We stayed within our province, and really it wasn’t that far away; we were only gone one night….I’m calling it a stay-cation! We headed to the London/St. Thomas area for […]


The crunchiest, most thrifty thing about me: cloth diapering

I’ve always known I was going to cloth diaper my children. I’ve said this for years, and for years people have called me crazy and tried to talk me out of it. People have listed off reasons, most of which are hilarious and completely inaccurate, as to why I shouldn’t do it. I’m not the […]

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