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Product Feature – An Affordable Makeup Brush Cleaner

How often do you clean your makeup brushes? Probably not as often as you should, am I right? If I’m being honest, I forget to do it too! I don’t have much time to put make up, and I certainly don’t wear it every day. I don’t use the brushes that much, so I forget […]

DIY Frugal Frugal Tip Tuesday

Frugal Tip Tuesday – Apple Cider Vinegar Hair and Face Toner

If you have been a reader for a while, you will know my love of vinegar. Usually I am raving about white vinegar and how fantastic it is for cleaning things, but did you know there is another vinegar with about another million uses?! Apple cider vinegar isn’t just for salad dressing. In fact, I […]

DIY Frugal

DIY Makeup Remover Face Wipes

Ever use those disposable face wipes? The ones that don’t require water, or rinsing…I hate to admit it, but I love them. Washing my face at the end of the day is one thing I dread, but it is so very important, and those wipes makes life so much easier! But, they aren’t cheap. And […]

DIY Frugal Frugal Healthy Dinner Series Frugal Tip Tuesday Recipes

Frugal Tip Tuesday – Homemade Crispy Potatoes

I guess this counts as a frugal tip, since buying a big bag of potatoes it much cheaper than buying those bags of pre-cut frozen fries! We all love french fries, right? I love potatoes in just about any form, but super crispy french fries are top of my list! Since hitting the drive thru […]

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