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Meal Plan Monday

Meal Plan Monday – September 10 2018

Good morning and happy Monday to you all! I haven’t kept up with posting our meals plans lately, but I promise you I still plan out each week. Not only does it save you money when shopping, but it makes dinner time so much easier! The craze of week nights is real, after school activities […]

Meal Plan Monday

Meal Plan Monday – Oct 23 2017

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen my post early this morning. My kids slept in a little, and I had complete quiet to enjoy my breakfast and coffee. It was wonderful! They slept in an extra 15 minutes, which was more than enough time for me to make my shopping list […]

Frugal Meal Plan Monday Recipes

Meal Plan Monday – August 28 2017

IT’S THE LAST WEEK OF SUMMER VACATION!!!!!!! Sorry, I’m just a tad excited to get the older kids back to school next week. Excited for routines again. Excited to have a quiet house during the little ones nap time. Excited for the big ones to get back to their friends and to stop the endless […]

Frugal Meal Plan Monday Recipes

Meal Plan Monday – March 20th 2017

Who else sent their kids back to school today?! March Break is over, and we are thankfully back to our regular routine! Dinners got a little messed up last week, and we ended up at a family birthday party, so I never got to make that Mexican Rice Casserole, so it’s going on this weeks’ […]

Frugal Meal Plan Monday

Meal Plan Tuesday (again!) – Feb 28th 2017

You guys, we got hit hard with illness this past week. 1 kid after another hit with a stomach bug and then head colds! My oldest daughter ended up with a double ear infection, and home from school for 3 days. So, things have been a little crazy. I had every intention to get the […]

Frugal Meal Plan Monday Recipes

Meal Plan Monday – Feb 13th 2017

We are snowed in! I’m ahead of schedule this week with shopping and planning! Ontario got hit with lots of snow this weekend. I managed to get out Saturday night for some groceries, and that was good because Sunday the roads are awful. Like, we didn’t even attempt going to Mass, which we never miss. […]

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