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Leader of the Day – free printable

I’m sure you’ve heard of the crazy idea of a “yes day” by now. Jennifer Garner made it pretty famous by sharing about it on Instagram, and there have been several bloggers and YouTubers that have done them and shared their hilarious results. Saying yes to your child/children, no matter how outrageous the request, seems […]


Frugal and Fun Road Trip – Ottawa to Toronto

This is part two to our little summer adventure! You can read the fist part here, which shares the stops we made while driving from the Greater Toronto Area to Ottawa and what fun we had in Ottawa that first day. Day 2 Stop 1: Breakfast in the hotel (FREE). One of the things I […]

Frugal Vacation

Frugal and Fun Road Trip – Toronto to Ottawa

Road trips are so much fun aren’t they? The planning ahead of time, shopping for fun snacks, and of course the actual trip itself is always a blast! We love driving places as a family, since it’s cheaper, and our kids are pretty great in the van (remember when we did an epic 10 day […]

Faith Fridays

Faith Fridays – 6 ways to keep your Faith alive during the summer!

Do you find your family’s’ faith fades a little during the summer months? I know my Parish is a little less full during the summer, and I only hope this means another Parish out where the cottages and cabins are is a little more full. Maybe you are busy travelling and so many of us […]

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How to Survive Summer as a Stay At Home Mom

Summer break. Such an exciting time. No schedules, sleeping in, being lazy, relaxing, spending lots and lots of time with your kids enjoying the sunshine. Sure, that’s maybe what the first day or two will look like, but very early on you are bound to hear the dreaded “I’m bored” or the constant bickering of […]

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Frugal March Break Fun – how to easily plan theme days for your kids school break

Staying home for your spring break this year? We are! I’m not a fan of crowds, so we are staying around the house and avoiding all the touristy things in Toronto that everyone will be heading too. So, with help from my kids, we have been planning some theme days for each day of March […]

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More Frugal Summer Fun

Not all of us have access to beautiful sandy beaches or even a pool in our very own backyard. But fun can still be on the agenda this summer, and it doesn’t have to come at a high price either!  From extra A/C bills and high priced summer camps (we are sending our oldest to […]

Frugal Hacks Vacation

Frugal Family Vacation Series Part 4 – All the Little Extras

Are you still with me? Hopefully you’ve found some really useful information so far in this series. I really believe that a great family vacation is attainable for anyone, if you plan properly! If you are really trying to watch your spending and stick to a tight budget, watch out for all the little extras […]

Frugal Hacks Vacation

Frugal Family Vacation Series Part 3 – Road Trip Hacks

Road trips can be fun for everyone, families of all sizes, and kids of all ages, if you plan right! We are a family of 6, with kids ranging in ages from 7 down to 15 months, and we love road trips! From driving for just a few hours to trips that last several days, […]

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