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Frugal Getting Organized Meal Plan Monday

Meal Plan Monday – Feb 6 2017

A million things to get done today, with another busy week ahead, so a meal plan for the week is a must! Let’s get right to it, here are our dinners for the week: Monday – big salads with loads of chicken and veggies (after lots of salty Superbowl snacks, we need a nice clean dinner!) […]

Frugal Meal Plan Monday Recipes

Meal Plan Monday – Jan 30th 2017

Last week was so busy, it was nice to have the meals all planned out! This week is stacking up to be crazy too, so knowing my dinners are all figured out, and healthy snacks will be prepped in the fridge, takes so much of the stress away! Here is what we are eating for […]

Frugal Meal Plan Monday

Meal Plan Monday – February 1st, 2016

We are starting off the month on the right foot in our house. I managed to tidy the house, put laundry away, clean the kitchen and main floor bathroom, meal plan for the week, and grocery shopped. Impressive considering I was also trapped under a sleeping 3 week old for part of the day too! […]

Meal Plan Monday

Meal Plan….Tuesday November 18 2014!

This blogging thing just isn’t happening right now. The problem isn’t lack of ideas (I randomly think up awesome posts), it’s time…3 kids sure keep me busy, plus a house to clean, part time work to do, and feeding a baby every couple hours (3 months, and she still wants to eat every 2 hours […]

Frugal Tip Tuesday

Frugal Tip Tuesday – staples that will help you make frugal dinners

I prefer to cook our meals from scratch for many reasons: 1. I am a stay at home mom, meaning I am here, and have time to plan and prep meals for my family. 2. We live off  a single income, and have a tight budget, and cooking from scratch is cheaper. 3. I would […]

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