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Leader of the Day – free printable

I’m sure you’ve heard of the crazy idea of a “yes day” by now. Jennifer Garner made it pretty famous by sharing about it on Instagram, and there have been several bloggers and YouTubers that have done them and shared their hilarious results. Saying yes to your child/children, no matter how outrageous the request, seems […]

Cleaning DIY Frugal Hacks Skin Care

Easy DIY Foaming Hand Soap

How many times do you wash your hands a day? For me, it feels like a million! Our skin gets dried out enough during the winter from the cold air, add to that constant washing because of all the germs, and you’ve got dry cracking skin! I’ve noticed this winter has been worse than usual. […]

DIY Frugal Frugal Healthy Dinner Series Recipes

Cheesy Garlic Bread Twists

I thought it would be fun to make some homemade cheese buns the other day, but while scrolling through recipes I saw bread sticks! The idea was to make them to have a few with dinner that night, and the rest for the kids school lunches. Well, they were so good we ate all but […]

Cleaning DIY Frugal Time Management

Easy DIY Cleaners

Cleaning products can be expensive, and most are full of harsh chemicals. I don’t want to have to do twice the work when cleaning, to make sure that any bleach residue is off the surfaces in my house. I have young kids, and the thought of even keeping those cleaners in my house, even up […]


Magi on a Journey

In the past I have shared frugal stocking stuffers, and simple ways to celebrate Advent with your family. This year I am adding something new to our Advent traditions. We already celebrate the Feast of Saint Nicholas, and count down on Advent calendars till Christmas day, and of course we attend Mass every Sunday (but […]

Frugal Getting Organized Recipes

School Lunches

Is it to early to be thinking about back to school? Considering the flyers in my area are full of backpacks and pencil crayons, and Costco has Halloween costumes out now, I think it’s safe to start planning! Also, I’m going to have this baby any day/week, possibly not until the first week of school, […]

DIY Frugal Recipes

The BEST Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love sweets, cookies being up there on my list of favourites, probably right below truffles. And at the top of my list of favourite cookies, oatmeal chocolate chips cookies rule all! I love Dad’s brand crispy store bought ones, and I love the bakery style soft and chewy ones too. For some reason though, […]


Frugal Stocking Stuffers

Remember when I said you should plan things early? Well that includes stocking stuffers! There are so many great options out there, and it doesn’t all have to be junky little things from the dollar store, or a sock full of candy either! My husband and I treat stockings for each other differently than we […]

DIY Frugal

Bridal Showers – where to be frugal, and where to splurge

Bridal showers can be big and elaborate, or they can be simple and still fun. The point of them is to “shower” the bride to be with love and gifts, so we keep them simple. My family tends to host them in a home, usually doing 2 in total (one for my mom’s side of […]

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