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Frugal Fall Fashion

Fall fashions are my absolute favourite. Cozy layers, earthy hues, cute boots and jackets! Living in Ontario, we get 4 very different seasons, and it seems like in the fall I am able to dress just to look nice, and not as much to fend off the elements. Winter is about staying warm, spring about […]


How to be a Thrift Store Ninja

  I recently had a very successful trip to my favourite local thrift store, and realized I hadn’t shared with you in a while a thrift store haul. And than after looking through old blog posts I realized I hadn’t really shared tips with you on how to have a successful trip to a thrift […]

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Kitchen Commaned Centre Make Over

It’s was nearly 2 months ago that I first tweeted about redoing my kitchen command centre. With my son starting JK this year, we had tons of papers coming home each day, and they were taking over the kitchen counter and computer desk. I had already picked up an awesome calendar for the fridge to […]

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Taking Advantage of Grandparent Discounts

You know how many stores have senior discounts, some places, usually children’s places, offer “grandparent” discounts. My favourite local children’s consignment store has a 15% discount every Thursday for Grandparents, and today I took advantage! My Mom and I went (she paid, my sister and I paid her back) and here is what we bought: […]

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Road Trippin & Site Seeing – frugal travel fashion tips

I turn 30 this summer, and to celebrate that big day, my husband is planning a trip to Boston for just the two of us! I’m not huge into travelling, and certainly don’t have a bucket list of places to visit, but if I did, Boston would be top of that list! I have always […]

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Stepping Out with Frugal Style

Finally a post that isn’t about food! Yippee! As promised, this post has nothing to do with food! It’s about finding super cheap clothes at the mall and some really great thrifting finds! I stumbled on this skirt while spending some birthday money at the mall last week. I had a little more than an […]

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Getting back into the frugal swing of things

Ok, it’s a new month, better yet its a new year! What better way to kick off 2012 than by looking at your finances and figuring out more ways to save. The last few months for our family haven’t been “normal”. Christmas doesn’t count because that comes up every year, but with a new baby […]

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