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Frugal Living 101 Meal Plan Monday

5 Ways to Simplify Your Meal Planning

You know I love to meal plan, and after having done it for nearly a decade, my week falls apart when I don’t! But I know this isn’t the case for many of you. If you aren’t used to it, it can seem overwhelming and a big waste of time. So, today I’m sharing 5 […]


Make February Frugal!

Still feeling stuck financially? Why not pledge to make February frugal! Maybe you still have some credit card bills to pay off from Christmas. Or you spent some extra money in January on a resolution that didn’t stick. Lots of kids spring and summer sports and activities start registration now, so that’s an additional expense […]


Tip Tuesday – Keeping Calm In 4 Easy Steps

Staying calm can be so difficult, especially with 4 little ones running around! The constant “Mommy! Mommy! Moooooooommmmmmmyyyyyyyyy!” is enough to exhaust you after only a few minutes. Add to that the not listening, the sibling fighting, the crying from a baby…well you get it, I assume most of you are parents, so you understand where […]

DIY Frugal Frugal Tip Tuesday

Frugal Tip Tuesday – Apple Cider Vinegar Hair and Face Toner

If you have been a reader for a while, you will know my love of vinegar. Usually I am raving about white vinegar and how fantastic it is for cleaning things, but did you know there is another vinegar with about another million uses?! Apple cider vinegar isn’t just for salad dressing. In fact, I […]

DIY Frugal Frugal Tip Tuesday Recipes

Frugal Tip Tuesday – Homemade Yogurt

I wrote about this a long long time ago. How I wanted to make my own yogurt. We go through so much of it each week, I figured it would be a little cheaper, and healthier too since I know exactly what I put in it. But it never happened. I pinned the slow cooker recipes/over […]

Frugal Frugal Tip Tuesday Time Management

Frugal Tip Tuesday – cleaning schedules

I know I have talked about being frugal with time, time management, and being organized before, and having a cleaning schedule can really help with this. Of course, having a schedule is only good if you actually stick to it, which I know I have had issues with in the past. Whether you are a […]

Time Management

Finding Time and Increasing Productivity: Think ahead (WMW13)

It’s Women’s Money Week again! I am participating again this year, and linking up my post(s).  Make sure you check out the site, as this week there will be tons of blog posts linked up. There will be so much great information to help you with you finances and life, so please stop by and […]

DIY Everything Menu Frugal Recipes

Not A Coupon Queen’s Best of 2012

Well, it seems everyone is posting their top posts from the past year, so, just in case you missed something good, here is a list of the top ten posts from 2012: #10 :  June 19 2012 – Frugal Tip Tuesday; staples that will help you make frugal dinners #9 : July 18 2012 – […]

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