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Frugal Meal Plan Monday

Meal Plan Monday – May 5th 2014

This weeks meal plan looks a little different from past ones…it actually probably looks more like yours, if you have a 4 year old and a 2 year old like I do. I have always tried to make meals that everyone in my family will enjoy, but with my son becoming pickier and pickier, we […]

Meal Plan Monday Recipes

Meal Planning – Dec 3 2012

December?! Crazy! This weekend was the start of the Advent season for us Catholics. We dug out our Advent wreath and candles, and put the wreaths up on our front doors too. This year we have decided to gradually decorate our house each weekend leading up to Christmas. We are still a young family, and […]

Meal Plan Monday Recipes

Meal Planning with a toddler

Meal planning can be difficult. Usually I whip through it no problem, but our 2 year old is being kinda picky again, and I was really uninspired with what is on sale this week.  Planning meals based on sales can make things easier (less thinking, because I only buy the meat and veggies that are […]

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